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The Promise Which I Made to you is Going to Fulfil Today
My Stay In Your Town Has finished
It Was My Ritual to Pass Through Your Avenue
Every Morning and in The Evening
Tomorrow,You will not Find My Name in The List of Habitants of This Town 
I am standing in Your Premises to Have a Look
for the Last Time of Your Home and Surroundings
I am Holding a Broken Heart and Tearful Eyes With Best Wishes for You
Wishing Eternity to Your Neighbourhood
Last Salute To your Town


Guide for water
Water Comes and Goes
All the time it Flows
It Makes Its Own Ways for Flow
I have a Question in My Mind
Who Guides The Flowing Water the Passage of Flow?

Miss You Very Much
The Time Cures Every Wound
This is What I Have Heard Always
There is a Chance That My Wounds Will Be Healing Sooner or Later
Uptil Now as a Matter of fact,Every New Tragedy,Suffering and Wound
No Matter How Comes to My Life
Reminds me Of You......Only You 

It is Realy Surprizing for Me
When Ever i heard News About You,My Friend
That You All alone in Dark nights
Walks in The Empty Streets and Lonely Roads
Under The Shadow of the Stars
You Love to Sit On your Roof Top Alone in Silence
I Wish I Could Meet You Because I have a Question for You
How You Become a Friend of Stars and Nights?
You Used to Be Afraid of Darkness of Dusk



“Infinite Sorrow”

Destiny has no more happiness for me
No luck, no cheers to offer me anymore,
Seems like fate has forgotten to solace me;
My heart is filled with tragedies and pain
Accompanied by infinite sorrow,
Sorrows of departed beloved and
Rest of of the world

“Chains On My Legs”

I am not sure at all
Whether i will be able to complete
The journey throughout my life or not,
Do not know if i will reach my intended goal
Again and again i get to face new
questions about existence,
Every now and then during the way
New reasoning and doubt appears;
This all slows down my journey
And sadly there is no one to
answer these questions

“Converse with a Star”

It was already around midnight
When a single star told me “goodbye!”
It said “Goodbye, my friend!
I want to go and sleep”
It also said me that “you too lie down in your bed and go to sleep, tomorrow we will meet here again.” I smiled when i heard these words and answered the star that “one who leaves someone here once, never comes back again;
I am sure that you will not return here tomorrow.” After hearing my words the star paused and said “Hark! my friend, How is it possible for me to make a promise and not fulfill it ? Do not forget that i am a star, not a human being who makes a promise even after knowing that it cannot be fulfilled

“Collateral Spring”
All old wounds of heart and soul blossoms like flowers, it seems like they have healed with the passage of time.
Yet many more fresh wounds
adds up every time,
Moreover, my loved ones and people
Who are close to my heart
Always leave me in the spring season,
It sounds very peculiar but it seems
Like spring does not suit me very well
Season of blooms brings
tragedies to me every time

“I Miss You So Much”
“I have always heard
coming from the folk wisdom
That time is the cure for all the
wounds in the world,
Hence i do believe and hope
that time has a healing magic;
The wounds that you left me with
Will heal one day too.
It may take some extra time
But eventually the scars
will disappear too.
But a peculiar thing has
developed within me along the way;
If i get hurt from anyone or from anywhere,and
In Every tragedy and moment of sorrow
I miss you so much.”

“After a really long time
I opened the book of past in my mind
So many faces floated in front of my eyes
A rainbow of people crossed my mind
Galaxy of friends were there
Many names touched my heart;
There was a page in the book of past
Which was written with tears
Covered with blood and breached dreams
That was the most precious
page in the whole book
And the title of that page was “companionship”
Some more tears filled up in my eyes;
I failed to go further and
afterwards i closed that book
I got lost in the memories of the love of my life
‘How beautiful life would be if
I had accompanied her?’
I know it is just a thought,
Glimpses of our golden days played with
My heart for a long time and
At some point i miserably fell asleep.”


The full moon of autumn
A cloud in the desert
dousing the summer heat
Water of a lake
Sun in the winter
Rain in the spring afternoon;
Brightness of the dawn and
calmness of the dusk
Aroma of the soil;
Sunset in the mountains
Lillies, tulips and roses
Cuckoos singing some
New stories,
All the wealth, birds,
Forests and rivers
Nothing is as Beauteous as Mother;
Mother is the most precious gift of nature



“My Dear”
Love is our principle my dear,
Everything else is superfluous my dear

What shall i tell you about the
reason of destruction,
Everything is acceptable to me my dear

Why are there tears in everyone else’s eyes ?
When sadness is in my heart, my dear

Since many days i am in search of
Something that is similar to your eyes,
That i may have seen somewhere in my life
Or maybe read about or heard of;
Something that is stunning as your eyes
So that i can make it an example.
Since many days i am wondering
But every time the result of
wondering comes the same,
That in this old and poor world
The eyes that are similar to your eyes
Are only your exquisite eyes

Couldn’t Even Say It”
I was such a coward
And juvenile too,
You were very brave
And heart of the gathering too,
Also the heartbeat of a single heart
of hundreds and thousands of people.
I was such a coward
Couldn’t even say it,
that I can sacrifice my life for you
My beloved you are too pretty



The promise which i made to you
is going to fulfill today,
My stay in your town is concluded.
It was my ritual to pass through your avenue
Every morning and evening;
Tomorrow you will not find my name
In the list of the dwellers of this town.
I am standing on your premises to have
A look for the last time at your home
And surroundings.
With a breached heart and teary eyes,
Along with best wishes i am wishing eternity
of love to you and your neighborhood;
Here is my last salute to your town!

“Guide to Water”
Water comes and it goes
All the time it flows,
It makes its own way to flow
But i have a question in my mind!
Who guides the passage to
the flowing water?

“I Long For You”
I have always heard that
The time cures every wound,
There is a chance that
sooner or later
My wounds will heal too;
But up till now as a matter of fact,
Every new tragedy, suffering and wound
No matter how it invades my life,
Reminds me of you, only you.

It was very staggering for me
When i heard that you, my friend
All alone in gloomy nights
Walk on the vacant streets and lonely roads
Beneath the shadow of stars;
That you love to sit on the rooftop
All alone in silence.
I wish i could meet you because
I have a question for you
How did you befriend the stars and nights?
You were always afraid of the
darkness of dusk.


“Failed to Forget”
How phenomenal were those days and nights that we spent together
whilst we were in love,
Eternal beauty of the places we
visited hand in hand,
Indelible elation of life during our intimacy.
I cannot forget the pain either
When the time came for us to depart for different avenues of life,
Yet seems to me one of the utmost difficult moments of my life,
A moment that has left a scar, not on the body but on the soul and heart.

“An Evening Of Solitude”
Evening brings sadness everyday
The gloomy shadows on the walls of my house brings grief along with the sorrow
of my fallen friends, lost love
and nostalgia of the past.
They all come combined after
sunset to knock my door,
and their knock makes me sad.
Breached dreams and
memories of broken promises
are also accompanied with them.
All together they knock on the door
of my soul to make me weep;
although i have been always lonely,
yet the evening intensifies
the feeling of loneliness.
Sorrow, sadness
and sunset are gift to me.


“When You Do Not Call”
Maybe he is very busy
He might be along with his friends
Or perhaps some guests
have come to his home,
Also the telephone system is really bad here;
Thousands more excuses
i make in my heart for you,
For you only i do that!
Because you dwell in my heart,
It is never ever possible, says my heart
that you may have forgotten to call,
This is how i think when you do not call.


“First Love Letter”
I am scared
Why is it happening to me
I feel as there is a heart
in every part of my body,
I am getting nervous by my own heartbeat
I am afraid
I have just written the first word of the letter
And it took me several hours to write;
I have to write the first love letter,
My heart is curious
What would she think
when she gets my letter?
And what would she write me back?
I am fearful,
She has to say “Yes” anyway
She has to...?
I am scared, it can be otherwise.



Nothing else but Love

Is principal of life

Yes my darling

Everything Else is superfluous

Do not listen to the Whole world`s Old crap

Listen to Your Heart

Pure & simple

Guided By the Love

Need No Reason to be in love


“Melody of Love”
A new door opens
Feels as a discovery of an astonishing avenue
To an entirely new world
This planet earth seems
as a totally changed place
When somebody falls in love
Fountains of fresh sparkling water
Emerges from the barren
lands and remote desserts,
Nights are full of colorful lights in the sky,
Mornings are as a clear mirror
Where dew drops see their faces and feel shy.
Life is disguised as flowers,
Every hue of flower is more
alluring than the previous one.
Life takes a unique turn
to beauty and perfection
When somebody feels love for the first time
Birds fly as they always did
But now in the attire of purity
They sing the songs of eternity.
Feels like some phenomenally mesmerizing sound of musical instruments are being played; Contiguous with the other
side of the mountain, or up above in the air
By some invisible grand maestro
When somebody is truly in love
The lights of the dusk dances on the lips
Darkness of the night plays with the hair
Every stranger feels like a friend,
Every moment seems exceptional
When somebody loves someone.

“Love Story”

The eyes are filled with tears
Since the subject of first love
has come to discussion,
Even if i start to express the moments we
Spent together in love
Even if i wish to write only the tiny bits of the story of our inmost moments;
Yet the ocean of words along with a human lifespan would seem too short to
express the miracles of love.

“Seasons of Heart”
Each and ever particle of this dessert
Whispers into my ears and questions me;
Why are you so lonely ?
In such a huge wide world;
Oh! how shall i explain ?
That each and every moment of my life,
the fountain of someone’s love
Continuously flows in my heart.
My heart is not lonely at all
It possess the memories of a charming doll.


“Love is a Miracle”
A girl with eyes as lake
Whilst touching her silk like hair
And her hands which seemed as
They are made of sandalwood;
When she used to say with her red lips
That, love is a miracle in this world!
To me at that moment
Every word of her seemed true
I believed every thing shy told
As a perfect truth.
Everyone says she was a liar
But i find it hard to believe the people
My heart says
the whole world is the falsifier
She was truthful
She was honest, only she

“Keep The Fire Burning”
My friends
My comrades,
I do not know how many oceans
I crossed after leaving your company;
I am standing on a peculiar island now,
This island is so afar that if any bird takes a flight from here, most probably
during the flight his wings would
breach before it reaches you.
All the facts above are true but
Yet i firmly believe;
Keep the campfire burning
For that i shall return some night soon.

“Your Company”
How can i find an example
As beautiful
As your company,
There is nothing even slightly akin to
your company in this whole wide world.

“December is Dear”

If we divide the memories of love
In different months of calendar,
And have a look at the whole calendar
Thus we’ll find most of the memories
belonging to December.

“Valentine’s Day”
Whatever the reason of our separation was,
But the whole world today
Holding in hands the roses of love
And re conforming the lovely relations;
I am here holding flowers in my cold hands
Standing quite, very quite
On a strange boulevard
With hope that maybe today
you may come to me.
This fear is also burning in my heart
That its quite possible that this day this time
Might be different from the previous years,
These flowers that i am holding in my hands
With all their aroma
And the pride of beauty
might not be able to get the fragrance
of your beautiful hands.

“A Word of Prayer”

“By chance, i opened an old album today
Which had some snaps
from the good old days.
Surprisingly there i found
an old unposted letter,
The script of that old letter was dim and breached due to time.
Next to that old letter, i saw your visage in a picture, the visage that has been ruling my heart since the day i saw you
for the first time at the college campus.
And there was a snap of me as well
from that season,
After seeing my own photo,
i then saw myself in the mirror,
Your imprint in my heart is the same
As it is in your snap
But the time has changed my visage
After seeing my visage in the mirror i thought
The time may have changed
your visage as well?
And whilst having this fear last night,
A prayer that i used to perform every night
A prayer of meeting you,
I forgot to perform that prayer last night;

“The whole truth”
The complete truth ?
Nothing but the whole truth ?
O my love!
You will not be able to bear the burden
Neither will you be able to digest that
Nor you will be able to comprehend that.

“Perhaps You Remember Too”

Perhaps you remember too

It was some day of monsoon

In a really cold wind

Crystal like raindrops

were meeting the soft and

Multicolor flower branches

With such love and affection

They were trying to make

The song of love and fidelity,

So when you came in front of me

Wearing a yellow colored scarf,

Clothed in a yellow fine array

Holding yourself all together

Seated on the corner of sofa

Being a little shy

You were smiling and saying

“How are you ?”

This all may seem very simple, very ordinary

but see i still remember all!

Perhaps you remember too ?

It is also possible that due to

Being lost in the speed of time

You might have forgotten this all

Perhaps you don’t remember at all

But up till now i still remember all,

Perhaps you remember too ?



“That which is made during the day

cannot last until night,

What is the lifespan of sandcastles ?


Don’t be sad over the pieces of my heart,

besides, what is the lifespan

of the toys of glass ?


Who can win from Beauty and Sway,

Just tell me what is the

lifespan of these both ?”


“You Are A Dream Of A Poet”

Although you are a reality

But are you aware of the fact

That there is one person

Who have seen dreams

Of just one visage

And that beauteous visage

Is only your visage


“If You Return”

Spring will return

Breeze will sing

Out of happiness and joy

Clouds will dance

Moonlight will be in serenity

Light will be on the firmament

Some sort of nights will come

That lakes will smile

Blooms will blossom

In front of the sight

Colorful birds will arrive

Sadness will go away

And sing some sort of songs

The era of oppression will vanish

And affection will emerge

Happiness will be in the eyes

There neither will be

any tears nor any sadness

And will not make me cry;

Autumn will go away

If you return so

Spring will return too




“Don’t be ashamed”

Insane girl

Why are you ashamed of leaving me ?

You think that now because you belong to someone else; so i will reproach you

And say that all that you said and all of your promises were lies just as your eyes.

Don’t think like this my dear!

If you are happy then i am happy,

May the new path be suitable for you;

And I....!

I have this old habit of being all alone




“Who knows ?”

There is this weird disturbance

What shall i tell you?

That how my beloved

companion spent her life,

even by receiving all the happiness of world

She wasn’t really happy.

“Don’t Be Sad”

The night shall pass

Flowers will blossom

When spring will come

Don’t be sad! Don’t be sad!

Lovers will reunite

When clouds will overspread the sky

Days will transfigure

“Migration in Autumn”
Every year
When autumn knocks the trees
All the leafs fall apart from the trees;
There are so many birds
Who are compelled to leave their
habitual during autumn,
They travel to unknown lands
And experience the sorrow of migration.
Tough the sky has a bit different mode
The new stars shine on it
So many old stars break away in autumn,
When i think about the reason of my migration
From the city of my love and dream
I find autumn guilty and responsible of it.


“A Poem of Spring”

Life is a very difficult task
For the immigrant birds
For the plants away from homeland,
And thus it is for the unfortunate
people in exile as well
Who are compelled to
depart from their motherland;
Surprisingly, when the spring season
knocks the air
All the birds of every trait
Start chirping and singing on
the branches of trees,
Flowers start blossoming in peculiar land
Branches of dried trees welcomes the new
Green leafs and petals of multi hues;
Passengers from faraway lands find solace
And on the arrival of spring season
even the prisoners can smell freedom in the air
Every year when spring comes
It brings new miracles wi
th it.

I do not know why
But I have failed to forget
The fellow who was beholding my visage
At the time of my egress
From the land of my dreams.
Dear fellow who had a
ravishing grin on her lips
But her eyes were filled with tears;
I have tried to forget that unforgettable
Moment and that person,
but my efforts are nothing but vain

“The Song Of Light”
Lit a candle sometime
In a dark night
When you are utterly alone
Then gaze at the dancing flame
With full attention,
Hark to the silence and you will realize
Light has music
A unique song it possess
The melody of light has no match,
Lit a candle in loneliness
And enjoy in silence,
The song of light























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